Kiewit Training & Innovation Center

Building a Greener Future: The Story of Kiewit Training & Innovation Center – Kiewit’s corporate training facility stands as a significant landmark in the north downtown neighborhood, serving as a hub that attracts employees from various corners of the world to Omaha for educational and training purposes. Noteworthy for its LEED Silver Certification and an array of innovative features, this facility stands as a pinnacle of advanced construction, underscoring a profound dedication to environmental responsibility.

Services Performed


Omaha, NE

Square Footage

65,000 SF


LEED Silver


  • LEED Fundamental Commissioning
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Lighting & Central Utility Commissioning


Building Sustainability and Efficiency: Kiewit Training & Innovation Center

In today’s world, the pursuit of sustainable and energy-efficient buildings isn’t just a trend; it’s a necessity. The Kiewit Training & Innovation Center, a two-story, 65,000-square-foot marvel, stands as a testament to these principles. With LEED Silver Certification and a host of innovative features, this facility represents cutting-edge construction and showcases a deep commitment to environmental responsibility. TUNE, a leader in commissioning services, is at the heart of this achievement and played a pivotal role in bringing this project to life.

Holland Basham’s architectural and design expertise played a crucial role in creating a functional, visually appealing and sustainable space that meets the specific needs of the Kiewit team. Morrissey Engineering also contributed to the center by providing comprehensive mechanical, electrical, plumbing, lighting, and technology services, elevating the design standards for the facility. As a global hub, the center is expected to attract employees from around the world for top-notch education and training.

A Building of Diverse Materials and Purpose
The Kiewit Training & Innovation Center is not just any building; it’s a masterpiece that seamlessly combines various materials and functions. Constructed with structural steel, slab-on-grade, and concrete on a metal deck, its exterior facade is a visual spectacle. It incorporates an array of elements, including curtain wall and storefront glazing, metal panels, fiber cement panels, brick, precast, and exposed structural steel beams, creating a striking visual appeal.

As you step inside, the main level opens up to reveal a versatile space that houses a cafeteria, an auditorium, and classrooms, fostering an environment conducive to both learning and collaboration. The staircase leading to the second level is a work of art featuring a decorative aluminum-glass handrail system and polished precast treads. The second level is thoughtfully designed to accommodate four interactive classrooms, creating a dynamic setting that encourages students to engage with their peers and facilitators.

Innovative Features that Define Excellence
The Kiewit Training & Innovation Center goes beyond mere architectural spectacle; it is a hub of advanced technologies and sustainable features. Key features of this remarkable project include:

  • Expansive Curtainwall Systems: These systems not only flood the interior with abundant natural light but also elevate the building’s visual appeal. The expansive glass panels create a vibrant and inviting atmosphere, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.
  • Central Utility Supplied Hot and Chilled Water: A utility-based hot and chilled water system ensures efficient temperature control, contributing to occupant comfort and energy savings. This cutting-edge system provides efficient temperature control, enhances occupant comfort to the highest degree, revolutionizes energy conservation, and operates as the backbone of the building’s climate control strategy.
  • Advanced Insulation Materials: The building envelope is fortified with cutting-edge insulation materials, including spray foam and Infinite R phase-changing material, further optimizing energy efficiency. The introduction of the Infinite R phase-changing material takes energy efficiency to a whole new level. This groundbreaking material actively responds to temperature changes by storing and releasing heat by regulating the indoor climate more effectively. During the day, it absorbs excess heat, ensuring a comfortable interior temperature, and at night, it releases stored heat, reducing the reliance on heating systems. This dynamic thermal control results in substantial energy savings and reduces the building’s overall carbon footprint.
  • LEED Silver Certification: The Kiewit Training & Innovation Center has achieved the prestigious LEED Silver Certification, which requires rigorous evaluation and meeting strict standards set by the LEED program. This is not just a one-time accomplishment but a sustained commitment to ongoing sustainability practices. The center regularly monitors its energy usage, water consumption, and environmental impact to ensure it continues to be a shining example of responsible and sustainable design. The certification serves as a benchmark for future projects, inspiring others to pursue a greener and more environmentally responsible built environment.

Commissioning Excellence
During the commissioning phase, TUNE demonstrated their expertise and dedication by meticulously identifying and effectively addressing over twenty issues that arose. These issues varied in severity, but all received the same level of attention and care. As a result, the facility now operates flawlessly and offers a top-tier environment for occupants, further cementing its reputation for excellence in construction and engineering. TUNE reduced identified issues by actively engaging in the construction process, promptly addressing items requiring attention before they escalated into significant problems.

Leaders in LEED Commissioning Services
TUNE has demonstrated excellence in commissioning and solidified its position as the leading provider of LEED Commissioning services in the region. Their team of LEED and Well Associate Professionals brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project they undertake, and their contributions to the Kiewit Training & Innovation Center are no exception.

TUNE’s involvement in this project extended across multiple phases, from the initial design and Core & Shell construction to the final tenant fit-out. Their comprehensive approach ensured that sustainability considerations were seamlessly integrated at every step of development. Here’s how they made a difference:

  • Design Phase: During the design phase, TUNE’s LEED expertise was crucial in shaping the building’s sustainability strategy. They worked closely with the design team to incorporate sustainable features and lay the groundwork for LEED Silver Certification.
  • Core & Shell Construction: TUNE’s commitment to excellence continued during the Core & Shell construction phase. They meticulously reviewed and verified the installation and performance of critical building systems, ensuring that they met LEED standards and the project’s sustainability goals.
  • Tenant Fit-Out: After the Core & Shell construction was complete, TUNE’s involvement didn’t stop. They extended their expertise to the tenant fit-out phase, ensuring that sustainability measures were maintained and enhanced in the interior spaces. This dedication to green practices in tenant spaces contributed to the overall sustainability of the building. They collaborated extensively with the design team to integrate sustainable features, review documentation and sequences, and establish the framework for achieving LEED Silver Certification.

Additionally, TUNE validated building performance objectives to ensure occupant comfort and confirmed that indoor air quality aligned with the client’s requirements for a facility designed to minimize environmental distractions.

TUNE’s ability to seamlessly integrate sustainability considerations throughout the project’s lifecycle highlights their holistic approach to LEED Commissioning services. Their contributions facilitated the achievement of LEED Silver Certification and ensured that the Kiewit Training & Innovation Center stands as a testament to sustainable construction practices, setting a standard for future projects in the region.

A Sustainable and Cost-Efficient Future
LEED buildings like the Kiewit Training & Innovation Center are designed to perform exceptionally well, with energy savings ranging from 20-40% compared to typical code-level buildings. This translates to substantial cost savings for the owner, estimated at $20,000 to $40,000 less in annual utilities compared to non-LEED buildings.

TUNE Facilities played a crucial role in supporting the project team throughout construction and the LEED certification process. Owner training, extending from construction to occupancy, ensured that the benefits of the facility’s advanced technologies were fully realized.

In conclusion, the Kiewit Training & Innovation Center serves as a shining example of sustainable construction and efficiency. It’s not merely a building; it’s a statement of dedication to a better, greener future. TUNE’s involvement and expertise have played a significant role in bringing this vision to life, leaving a lasting legacy of excellence in construction and sustainability.



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