LinkedIn Midwestern Headquarters

LinkedIn’s Eco-Friendly Headquarters: A Showcase of Innovation, Efficiency, and Environmental Stewardship – Fitwel Certified, LEED GOLD+ Certifications, and substantial perimeter glass around each 100,000 square-foot building are just a few of the highlights of this TUNE project.

Services Performed


Omaha, NE

Square Footage

200,000 SF


2-Star Fitwell and LEED Gold


  • LEED Fundamental & Enhanced Commissioning
  • Utility Monitoring
  • Building Optimization
  • Renewable Energy
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Systems


The city of Omaha, located in Nebraska’s Silicon Prairie, is undergoing a transformation into a flourishing tech hub.

At the heart of this development is the LinkedIn headquarters, which embodies innovation, engagement with the community, and responsible resource management. The facility covers an impressive 200,000 square feet, comprising two equally spacious buildings of 100,000 square feet each, surrounded by a substantial amount of glass. This reflects LinkedIn’s unwavering commitment to creating a workspace that balances productivity with nature.

Behind this remarkable project, a team of experts at TUNE played a pivotal role in support and commissioning during and after construction. They ensured that LinkedIn’s Omaha headquarters is not just a place of work but a sustainable environment that embodies eco-consciousness and energy efficiency.

A Showcase of Environmental Responsibility
The LinkedIn headquarters in Omaha is more than just another office space; it’s a beacon of sustainability. This sprawling complex proudly boasts a 2-Star Fitwell certification and a LEED Gold Certification, a testament to its dedication to environmental responsibility. Holland Basham Architects incorporated architectural brilliance in every detail, creating a captivating reality during the core & shell design phase while Gensler provided the tenant finish. Morrissey Engineering took the lead in providing award-winning mechanical, electrical, lighting, and technology services for this project, setting the stage for a workspace that’s as green as it is productive.

From the moment you step inside, you’ll notice eco-conscious features at every turn. Light sensors, advanced mechanical systems, and an energy-efficient kitchen that consumes 24% less energy than conventional ones all contribute to the building’s impressive green credentials.

One standout feature is the facility’s onsite energy storage, is one of Nebraska’s largest commercial solar installations and one of the first peak-shaving lithium-ion batteries in the state. These innovations reduce the building’s reliance on traditional energy sources and exemplify cutting-edge energy management.

“As we advance toward a renewable energy future, it’s invigorating to contribute to a project that places high value on a substantial solar and battery installation. Our distinctive approach involved harnessing eGauge energy monitoring data and configuring the onsite battery to charge using solar power, effectively mitigating morning startup demand.”

A Commitment to Renewable Energy
The LinkedIn headquarters goes the extra mile in its commitment to renewable energy sources. An impressive 38.4% of the building’s power comes from renewables, with an additional 13.1% harnessed from an onsite solar PV array. Solar canopies adorn parking spaces, not only providing shade but also harnessing energy. TUNE’s expertise was crucial in programming the onsite battery to charge with solar energy, further reducing the facility’s carbon footprint.

In the era of electric vehicles, LinkedIn’s Omaha Headquarters sets the standard with 20 EV charging stalls occupying 2% of parking spaces. Additionally, 50 priority spaces are designated for hybrid and electric vehicles, encouraging employees to embrace sustainable commuting.

A Holistic Approach to Resource Management
Water efficiency measures have been diligently implemented, resulting in a remarkable 35% reduction in water use thanks to high-efficiency plumbing fixtures. A comprehensive waste management strategy has also been implemented, with dedicated collections for 100% of waste materials, including e-waste, which is responsibly saved and recycled.

TUNE’s Expertise in Action
The success of LinkedIn’s headquarters was not just due to TUNE’s commissioning role, but also their involvement from design to tenant fit-out. Tune’s role was a perfect compliment to the LinkedIn & design teams goals for the project. Their dedication to environmental stewardship was evident, resulting in exceeding energy code requirements by 30%. TUNE’s expertise led to substantial savings, with $100,000 in energy costs saved over the past year due to the integration of solar and battery technologies. Compared to a typical building of similar size, this approach amounts to an annual energy savings of $150,000. Monthly energy expenses have significantly decreased by $15,000, showcasing TUNE’s remarkable impact on optimizing energy efficiency.

“Incorporating our insights and experience into project design has enabled us to elevate the conventional process, particularly when integrating Variable Refrigerant Flow systems, which were relatively new in our market. While challenges inevitably arise with any innovative product, our industry knowledge and best practices have proven instrumental in effectively addressing them.”

Delivering Sustainable Excellence
Throughout the entire project, TUNE was actively involved in providing valuable services. They offered LEED fundamental and enhanced Commissioning Services during the design phase, providing insightful knowledge and expertise. TUNE also participated in biweekly meetings, offering unwavering support during construction and the LEED certification process.

With the help of cutting-edge technology like PlanGrid software and reporting tools, TUNE was able to quickly identify and resolve any issues that arose during construction. Their thorough site inspections were instrumental in detecting construction errors early on, which helped prevent costly delays and corrections.

As Commissioning agents, TUNE diligently uncovered over 40 areas of concern for both the Core & Shell and Tenant Improvement construction projects. They faced these challenges head-on, ensuring that the project was successful overall and aligned with sustainability goals.

LinkedIn’s Omaha Headquarters: A Green Marvel
LinkedIn’s Omaha Headquarters is a pioneer in sustainable architecture and energy efficiency. Its numerous features, from solar dominance and advanced battery technology to electric vehicle charging and efficient HVAC systems, position it as a beacon of energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and occupant comfort.

But TUNE’s commitment doesn’t stop at construction. Their post-commissioning support is crucial to ensuring the ongoing success of sustainable projects. Continuous monitoring, fine-tuning, and ongoing improvements are hallmarks of their dedication to positively impacting operational performance.

In conclusion, LinkedIn’s Omaha Headquarters is more than just an office space; it’s a sustainable oasis where innovation, community involvement, and environmental responsibility converge. TUNE’s expertise and dedication to environmentally conscious practices have played a pivotal role in making this vision a reality. This headquarters is a shining example of what can be achieved when commitment to sustainability meets cutting-edge design and technology.

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