Carson Group Headquarters

From Vision to Reality: TUNE’s Role in the Eco-Friendly Carson Group Headquarters – TUNE’s commissioning services for the existing multi-building glass complex with skywalks and rooftop terrace increased the overall efficiency of the two structures.

Services Performed


Omaha, NE

Square Footage

Building 1: 120,000 SF / Building 2: 80,000 SF


  • Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Commissioning
  • Lighting Commissioning
  • Emergency Power
  • Kitchen Systems
  • Post-Occupancy
  • Building Optimization: Tuning


The headquarters of the Carson Group is a remarkable example of modern architectural ingenuity and dedication to environmentally friendly design.

Anchored by three sprawling towers, it encompasses 220,000 square feet of flexible space, all backed by a remarkable $80 million investment. TUNE, a renowned company specializing in commissioning and post-occupancy building optimization, played a key role in ensuring the facility operates at peak efficiency and that the installation of mechanical and electrical systems met the intent of the design.

Sustainable Solution for a Greener Future
The Carson Group Headquarters has an advanced control system crucial in maintaining the building’s electrochromic glass shading. This system not only enhances the visual aesthetics but also provides several benefits. The electrochromic glass can adjust its tint according to the daylight concentration, eliminating the need for window coverings. TUNE has played a vital role in optimizing the electrochromic glass performance, resulting in a significant reduction in heat energy consumption.

TUNE’s involvement in this advanced control system enabled real-time adjustments of the electrochromic glass, responding to changes in daylight intensity. This allows the glass to optimize natural light and adapt its tint as the sun’s brilliance changes throughout the day. By doing so, the glass reduces glare and creates a comfortable workspace while significantly reducing solar heat.

Expanding beyond glass shading, TUNE’s expertise extends to seamless coordination with the building’s HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system, ensuring a harmonious relationship between the control system and climate control. When the glass darkens to mitigate glare and heat influx, TUNE facilitated the HVAC system’s adaptation, fine-tuning its cooling load to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

TUNE’s specialized knowledge and meticulous attention to detail elevated the control system to a pivotal role in the building’s sustainable design.

TUNE’s Dedication to Delivering Quality Results
TUNE’s approach to the Carson Group Headquarters project featured several distinctive elements showcasing their commitment to innovation, accuracy, and client satisfaction.

  • Integration of OpenSpace 3D for Site Visits: TUNE employed OpenSpace 3D technology to conduct site visits. This software seamlessly integrated into the project’s Building Information Modeling (BIM) model. This approach allowed for a real-time comparison of the actual site conditions with the virtual BIM model. Doing so, it ensured that the project remained accurate and efficient, reducing the chances of errors or discrepancies between the planned design and the actual construction.
  • Side-by-Side Comparisons: The ability to make side-by-side comparisons between the BIM model and actual site conditions is a powerful tool in construction management. It enables project teams to quickly identify any deviations from the plan, helping to address issues promptly and make necessary adjustments as the project progresses.
  • Building Optimization and Tuning Services: TUNE went beyond the standard construction phase by providing building optimization and tuning services. This means they focused on the initial construction, fine-tuning, and optimizing the building’s performance even after the project turnover. This approach ensures that the facility operates efficiently and effectively, potentially saving costs in the long run and providing a better experience for occupants.
  • Post-Project Issue Resolution: The capability to address issues even after project turnover is a valuable asset. Construction projects often encounter unforeseen challenges or performance issues after completion. TUNE’s commitment to addressing such issues demonstrates their dedication to delivering quality results and ensuring client satisfaction. During the commissioning of the Core & Shell and Tenant Improvement projects, over a hundred issues, varying in severity, demanded attention. These issues carried the potential to disrupt both the building’s occupants and the construction teams involved.

TUNE demonstrated a comprehensive and forward-thinking approach to construction and project management by utilizing advanced technology and offering ongoing building optimization and tuning services.

“Tune identified significant construction-related issues that could have compromised the building’s energy efficiency. These challenges were thoroughly addressed in collaboration with the design and construction team, resulting in effective solutions. As a result, occupants were spared from high energy expenses and comfort-related problems.”

Metrics Highlighting TUNE’s Expertise
The Carson Group Headquarters project was quantified through Energy Star Portfolio Manager services, revealing that the facility outperformed the regional average by 10%. This substantial increase in energy efficiency translated into a noteworthy 10% reduction in energy consumption compared to a similarly sized regional equivalent.

Carson Headquarters Photography ⓒ LEO A DALY 

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